The Concept

What if you could enjoy the luxury of a 4-star hotel suite in remote off-grid locations?
We decided to design our modular suites with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Luxury modular hotel suites
Choose from (2.4m x 6.0m) or (3.0m x 7.2m) suites.
Or, you can assemble two suites side by side!

Our luxury modular hotel suites are designed to sit in harmony with the land and provide guests with a level of luxury that will make any stay as comfortable as possible.

Of course all the amenities are there, such as hot shower, toilet, kitchenette and heating/cooling. Everything you would expect in a luxury hotel suite.

These suites encompass the finest in materials & interior design and are transportable, relocatable, sustainable and profitable.

combine two or more suites to create larger accommodation options